Adorable Make Up Vanity Ideas Suitable For Small Space 36
Adorable Make Up Vanity Ideas Suitable For Small Space 36

41 Adorable Make Up Vanity Ideas Suitable for Small Space

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Are you having trouble with a small bathroom, or lack of space in your home? Whether you’re living in a small condo, or working on a guest wash room, there are plenty of design options for all shapes and sizes. Here are some ideas for making the most of your space, and creating a beautiful and relaxing oasis in your little lavatory.

Before you get started, you should be sure to scan the area, take dimensions and plan out a budget. Having these figures and numbers sorted out prior to beginning the decoration process, will make it a lot easier and more seamless as the project expands. So, keep a notebook with the dimensions of the room, and set boundaries for how much you will be able to spend for each major purchase.

Next, think about what is the most important part of your bathroom? Is it keeping it neat? Do you need to look into bath vanities to organize your things, or is having a beautiful bathtub that you can relax in important to you? Do you need to alter any of the room’s foundations, like the window placement? Are you having any problem areas, like leaks or water coming in through the window? Now is the time you’ll want to handle these problems and integrate these changes into your new room.

If your foundation is acceptable to you, maybe you only need a few new accessories to transform your room. Are there enough towel racks, or would some new towels and bright art work liven up the room? Another great idea for adding dimension and creating space is to go outside of the box. An enclosed medicine cabinet isn’t standard for every bathroom. Having open shelving can be a great way to add space to your small room.

No matter what situation your lavatory is in, answering these questions will help you narrow your focus onto the major problem areas, and what will make your wash room a more appealing space for you to enjoy. So don’t be discouraged if you just moved into a new condo that is short on space, because you always have options, you just have to look outside the box sometimes to find your solutions.