Inspiring Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas With Oak Cabinet 33
Inspiring Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas With Oak Cabinet 33

43 Inspiring Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas with Oak Cabinet

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I am a cabinet manufacture in South Florida. By far, the most popular color people choose for kitchens is white. Much of this trend has to do with flipping houses. Prior to the gigantic real estate crash, Florida was second in the nation for the highest increase in home values. No wonder there was so much buying and selling going on.

One of our clients over a two year period during the real estate boom bought, remodeled and sold thirteen houses. Every kitchen cabinet remodel was the same, white cabinets. The wife would always stage the homes so potential prospects could see more than just empty rooms.

She had excellent taste and plenty to invest in making the kitchens look very attractive. She used things like bright green vases and colorful flower arrangements to make the kitchens look lively. Any time she had a high bar area to decorate, she would always set out yellow plates, black place-mats, decorative wine glasses, cloth napkins with colored rings.

She would almost always choose MDF, raised panel cabinet doors and a nice medium tone Formica pattern for the countertops. These were not high-end houses they were remodeling. They were more for people who fell into the middle income bracket. She had developed a system that worked. Every home we remodeled for her and her husband had kitchens with white cabinets in them.

Here are a few ideas on how to decorate.

  • Contrast with countertop colors, but don’t go too dark
  • Accent the cupboards with attractive handles or knobs
  • Install colorful glass splashbacks in the kitchen between the counter and upper cabinet bottom
  • Decorate with brightly colored flowers, tea pots and hand-towels
  • Small appliances like toasters or can-openers can be purchased in several nice colors
  • Accent with Formica wall splashes or wall mica
  • Accent the toe base and countertop edges with a nice color
  • Install real granite countertops
  • Paint the ceilings or walls with brilliant colors
  • Fruit baskets
  • Wine bottles
  • Cookbooks

Kitchens with white cabinets are not everyone’s cup of tea. I have had at least two customers out of three to four hundred tell me that white reminds them of being in a hospital or a doctor’s office.

Here’s the thing though, if you are planning on selling in the next five years, install white cabinets and then accent with colors around them. For many years customers, Realtors and contractors have shared with me the importance of remaining neutral with color selections when you are planning on selling your home within a few years.

High-end homeowners seem to fit into a different bracket when thinking about resale. People with money have a tendency to buy things and remodel them to their own personal tastes. I installed high gloss red Formica cabinets with brilliant lime green countertops in a waterside home near the Gulf of Mexico. I’d guess the home was worth at least two million dollars.

Contrasting floors go well with kitchens that have white cabinets. I personally like to see a nice natural oak color on the floors. You will have an endless selection of possibilities when decorating around white cabinets. If you take a moment to visit our site through the link below, you will find many photos that you can glean ideas from.