Stunning Modern Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas 38
Stunning Modern Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas 38

41 Stunning Modern Minimalist Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Renovating a home kitchen provides enormous opportunities for unleashing creativity and style. There are many possibilities for modernizing and refreshing the look of a kitchen even with just simple ideas that can be kept to budget. From the décor to the kitchen appliances, a kitchen remodel can be done effectively and successfully by following some basic and important tips that will provide an easier lifestyle and add much aesthetic value to the home.

A list of the most important tips to consider will include:

1. Using quality materials – kitchen drawers made of particle board or those which are stapled may not close fully or get stuck; top quality hinges and slides should always be used. The use of wood veneer for cabinet interiors is a better choice than laminated or particle board.

2. Putting high ceilings to good use – for ceilings which are about 8 feet high, cabinets that go all the way offer extra storage spaces leaving more wall space for open shelves.

3. Painting or staining – brush painted kitchen cabinets provide a unique look and personality of their own unlike stained wood cabinets.

4. Speaking elegance with countertops – white marble and stained wood provide ideal choices for elegance and exude a naturally warm look.

5. Considering open island – a cook top with a sink combo provides an ideal island space in the middle of a kitchen and makes it appear less cluttered.

6. Avoiding excess – extra accentuations of mouldings on cabinet fronts are decorative excesses which should be avoided.

7. Avoiding nightmares due to maintenance – stainless steel, white laminate, ceramic, brick, terracotta or slate, all of these have pros and cons as far as cleaning and maintenance go. Hence, it’s a wiser choice to go with a combo-look that also keeps things smudge and stain free.

8. Combining appliances to reduce space utilization – any kitchen cluttered with lots of gadgets looks clumsy but combination gadgets like cook-top stoves and ovens can be combined in a range to add glamour as well as provide extra space.

9. Creating a dining area – a large kitchen area can be made to look more attractive by utilizing clever use of space to create a dining area with the right furniture and lighting.

10. Creating an appeal – a home kitchen should reflect the personality of the homeowner more; using unique but minimalistic furniture and appliances lends an inviting appeal when compared to sleek, shiny appliances and cabinets that lend a commercial look.