46 Best Items For Assembling Diy Fairy Houses Design Ideas

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If you have a suitable space in the backyard and have kids who love fantasy and nature, then why not make a children’s fairy garden? It is the perfect project to get them outdoors!

Five Reasons to Make a Children’s Fairy Garden

  1. A magical space for them to play in
  2. Helps them learn about nature
  3. Encourages them to get involved in gardening
  4. Fires the imagination
  5. Teaches them to take care of the environment

Designing Your Fairy Garden

Things to think about when planning your garden include:

  • Planting interesting flowers that stimulate imagination, such as bold colors and tactile plants
  • Creating an area for the children to take care of
  • Decorating with fairy statues and miniature furniture or houses
  • Creating secret hiding places for both kids and fairies
  • Building homes for wildlife such as log piles or bird boxes
  • Feeding the birds
  • Leaving a wild area or even planting a wildflower meadow
  • Trailing fairy lights in the bushes
  • Creating a space to leave gifts for the fairies

Projects for the Fairy Garden

Encourage your children to broaden their horizons in the garden. You could get them gardening or growing fruit and vegetables, or why not help them to build something for the garden, such as a bat box or fairy house?

Teach them about the different plants and wildlife, and get their imaginations working hard by asking them to draw pictures or write stories and poems about the fairies in the garden. You could also get them looking for signs of fairy presence, or create games such as fairy treasure hunts!