Amazing Wraparound Porch Design With Fireplace Ideas 42
Amazing Wraparound Porch Design With Fireplace Ideas 42

46 Amazing Wraparound Porch Design With Fireplace Ideas

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A superb screened porch design is more than just a roof and framing surrounded with screening material.

Whether you are building a small screened porch off a bedroom or one for entertaining, you should think about how you will use it. Know the purpose of your screened porch. Understanding how you will use your porch helps you decide what size you want it to be, what materials to use and the types of amenities that will make it ideas.

  • A screened room for entertaining, for example, may require a fireplace and wide-screen TV, stereo surround sound, larger seating area, and a popcorn maker!
  • Designing a screen porch for intimate dinners may require electrical wiring in your porch ceiling to accommodate a chandelier or a fan and light combination.
  • An exercise room will most likely require in-floor receptacles for power treadmills or stair climbers.
  • An office area may require additional direct lighting, computer surge protection, and perhaps storage.

Knowing how many people will be using the screened porch and their ages area also important factors.

  • If you occasionally entertain large groups consider creating a privacy nook for morning coffee or relaxing with a good book. This space can then be easily integrated into a larger area for guests.
  • If small children will use the screen porch ensure you install balusters (railings) to prevent them from damaging the screening material.

Finding the right location to take advantage of several factors like the view, wind direction, and sunlight are also important screened porch design considerations.

  • Position your screened porch to take advantage of existing traffic patterns.
  • Locate your porch to take advantage of the prevailing breezes. This will help keep it cooler in the summer months. If you happen to live in an area with predominately strong winds locate the porch on a side of your home adjacent to the wind direction so as to catch the breezes, not the brunt of the winds. If that is not possible, consider constructing knee walls and blinds or shades as buffers.
  • Consider your view from the porch. Use large screen panels for viewing wildlife or the kids playing in the yard. You may opt for smaller panels if you need to block your neighbors unsightly storage shed. Blinds work well for this purpose also.
  • And finally, make sure your screened porch design complies with local codes and ordinances.

Your screened porch should provide easy access to areas of your yard or home.

  • How will you or your guests access your porch?
  • Will they have to go through the kitchen or can they access it from the dining or living rooms?
  • Plan for easy and sensible access from your porch to the yard.
  • Do you have to walk around the porch to get to the garage, storage shed, or driveway?
  • Before building, consider how people will move from area to another.

Want to know how to get some awesome ideas for your screened porch design? Look online at photo galleries for porches. Some online sites have fantastic photo collections to inspire you.

And lastly, make sure you know local building codes, set back requirements, and your home owner’s association rules. Knowing what is required before you build can save you from aggravation and added expense later. A fabulous screened porch design incorporates many more factors than just the structure itself. Plan wisely and you will have created not only a fantastic screen porch but one that will be easily enjoyed by all.