43 Pretty White Christmas Decor Ideas

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Make your country home picture perfect by changing up your decorating scheme this Christmas. After the last two years of recession I say opulence is in order. Even if you aren’t ‘rich’ you can still decorate to give your home a super elegant look by setting a trend in white and cool color Christmas decor.

Here’s how to get that elegant country Christmas look without breaking the bank…

A touch of blue in an otherwise white or silver decorating scheme adds a punch to your elegant Christmas decor.

  • Elegance equals an understated unity within the decorating theme. This is where many people go wrong. If you suspect you’ve gone overboard start removing some items until the look feels and looks just right. Don’t over use too many colors or you may find the room or your home will look cheap, distracting, and far too cluttered or busy.
  • Vintage accents such as plaster cherubs or angels ensure that your rooms don’t become too pretentious.
  • Elegant Christmas colors are in the cool color zone. Cool colors sparkle add that air of class and sophistication. Don’t fret if your background decor is in warm tones, you can still add silver, sparkly gold and white to achieve the look. As an aside, red and green decorations (even though they’re the traditional Christmas colors) don’t project any sort of elegance when used together.
  • Add to any existing decor. The top two choices are silver or white, or silver and white together. Sprinkle Christmas decoration primarily in these colors throughout your home for cohesion. Although on the surface it will seem like white decorations don’t seem much like Christmas, once you have it all together you’ll be amazed.
  • Outdoor decoration for the holiday season. On your walkway, white luminaries leading up to the front steps or porch are stunning. And, if you have the opportunity to buy new exterior lights for the holiday, choose the smaller fairy or LED lights for super sophistication. (If you can find these in solar, even better as you’ll be able to decorate surrouning trees for an extra sparkle without any strain on your electric bill.)
  • This is true as well for indoor and tree lighting for Christmas. Add little bits of sparkle every where you can for elegance and don’t be surprised when the holiday is over and your family asks you to leave a few for mood and effect year round.
  • Elegant floral arrangements are not the standard glaring red or white poinsettias. In fact if you take a really good look at these plants you’ll find that they are actually quite gaudy. Opt instead for dozens of white roses (even silks are fine) and put them in delicate glass vases throughout your house.
  • Little extras to pull it all together include a white pillar candle on a mirror base for the tabletop. Wrapped presents propped up in corners of every room – wrapped, of course, in gold or silver paper and tied with white ribbon bows. As an alternative try wrapping gifts in white paper and use gold ribbon to form the bows. Add cool blue to the mix and you’ll get a punch of color that matches the theme.
  • Here’s another, 5 or 6 Christmas balls in your color choice, placed in a large, heavy glass bowl looks great on a side table, the dining table or the coffee table! Linens of all sorts should be bright white as well.

When you’re finished with your Christmas decorating, your home will have that elegance you’ve been striving to achieve.