Incredible Dining Room Makeover Ideas41
Incredible Dining Room Makeover Ideas41

44 Incredible Dining Room Makeover Ideas

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Many homeowners do still have a formal dining room. With an imposing looking dining table, very fancy chairs and a huge chandelier that belonged to a great aunt it can be one of the nicest looking rooms in your home. There’s only one problem – no one ever goes in there.

Families have very little time to eat together any more and more often than not when they do manage to get together for a meal it’s at the table in the kitchen or in front of the TV. A lot of the time that is because everyone is afraid of messing up your “best things”.

So why not make better use of that wasted space? If you want it to remain a dining area but simply want it to be more welcoming, tone things down a bit. Replace the formal table with a lighter, round version. A round table is less imposing and allows everybody to look into each other’s’ eyes while they eat, making the environment more cozy and intimate.

Instead of the central chandelier or single overhead light in the dining room use several kinds of lighting to give it warmth and depth. Wall sconces can be a great way to provide enough light to eat by without being overpoweringly bright as a large central light source can be.

If you really are not going to use the dining room any more bite the bullet and repurpose it permanently. A home office, an extra entertainment room or a playroom for the kids are all great ideas, will be far more useful in everyday life and can be easily achieved with the help of a good remodeling contractor.