Best Ways For Turn Old Stuff To New Stuff Ideas37
Best Ways For Turn Old Stuff To New Stuff Ideas37

40 Best Ways For Turn Old Stuff To New Stuff Ideas

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If you’re like me, you have many old Blog posts that you put your heart and soul into, and now you feel they’re forgotten and buried somewhere in the internet ether, right? Here are some suggestions to use those old posts to gain new Traffic.

1. Backlink traffic to Old Posts
Don’t forget to continue your SEO strategy and build back links to older posts. Most marketers are focusing on new content, new articles, new posts, and they forget about the valuable older stuff that may be still relevant. It’s easier to build a handful of backlinks to older posts than writing brand new content, and you will be rewarded with fresh Traffic.

2. Refresh Your Posts
Go back and look at your older posts, it’s very likely something has changed or your knowledge on that subject has expanded. Just update the old post with new content or changes, making in fresh content for your visitors. It’s like clothing style, whats old is new again! One easy way to update an old post is to do some quick Google research and see if the facts have changed for the subject matter. For example, lets say you wanted to rank for the keywords “real estate investment”, obviously the market, sales, median price, have all changed in the past couple years. Use the new data, maybe a chart, or images, to create fresh content.

3. Resend your posts to followers
Send out new emails blasts to your Opt In lists, if it’s been a year they probably won’t remember it, and if you update the content it becomes a new post from someone they already know and trust, that is sure to get you some traffic. It’s also possible you have added several new followers since the original post was created, so they haven’t seen the content yet.

4. Social Media
It goes without saying that if you created some of your content prior to using smart social media strategies on Twitter and Facebook, it’s probably wise to share the content there also. In my case, I have content I created months before getting around to creating the Social Media pages, so those posts were not shared.

5. Re-open the Subject
Similar to movies that have a Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, you can create a new post about old content, adding to the subject matter you created previously. If you wrote about a political issue, or something your passionate about, and there have been major changes in the subject, just create a new post and reference (and link to) your older post and call it “Part II”.