Amazing Mirror Ideas For Your Space39
Amazing Mirror Ideas For Your Space39

47 Amazing Mirror Ideas For Your Space

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Mirrors are a great way to make small living spaces appear a lot larger. They can also do so much to brighten up dull spaces since they reflect light. Decorating your walls with mirrors can actually liven up an otherwise dreary space in your home. They are great on the walls of your entryways, powder rooms and bathrooms.

Mirrors can also be turned to exquisite pieces of art. You can take an ordinary mirror and choose a nice frame to enclose its edges. Or you can create elaborate mirror groupings of different shapes and sizes to create a wall décor piece. Antique mirrors are also good replacements for artworks. There are a lot of intricately designed antique mirrors in the market that you could turn into a valuable piece of décor for your home.

The most important thing to consider when choosing mirrors for your living space is the shape and frame. Certain shapes are ideal for particular settings. A round or oval mirror can break the stiffness of an otherwise straight space full of lines and corners. Rimless mirrors are great for contemporary minimalist designs while ornately-framed mirrors definitely add more character to period architecture and design.

An equally important thing to consider when installing your mirrors is to check what images will be captured when you mount them on your walls. It may seem trivial, but what is caught in the mirror affects the total look of a particular space. If your mirror is mounted beside a showcase of accents and decors, it would be wise that the wall directly across should be as bare as it can be so the mirror stands out amidst all the patterns.

With a little bit of advance planning and creativity, mirrors can be great additions and accents to your home. Plan out carefully, so you make the right choices.