Perfect Lamp Shade Ideas For Home37
Perfect Lamp Shade Ideas For Home37

46 Perfect Lamp Shade Ideas For Home

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A staple in pretty much every home today, lampshades are made to go over the bulb in a light with the purpose of diffusing the light that is being emitted from it. Most common today are floor, desk and table-top mounted, which can be made from any material. Aside from the obvious practical uses, much more emphasis today is being placed on the decorative and creative side.

Empire shades are the ones most often found in homes and office today. It is known for its round shape and straight sloping sides. Usually consisting of silk or some other fabric, linings are soft and sewn in by hand. These linings are secured to the frame, which is usually constructed of metal.

The word vintage is known to cover a large variety of lamps and shades. Usually referring to something that is old, or no longer being produced, many of these lamps are actually reasonably priced. The value of many of these vintage pieces is often simply decided by the amount of money offered by someone who wants to own it. Be cautious when dealing online with antique dealers or sellers of vintage pieces, as many could be fakes or reproductions, worth far less than originals.

The most well-known and famous lamp style is that known as Tiffany. Tiffany’s come in many different variations, but all have glass shades that are known for their beautiful stained glass artwork. Breathtaking in both design and the intricacy involved, all original Tiffany pieces are made by hand using a method known as Copper Foil. The process includes a pattern that is first drawn or outlined on cardboard, with a glass color and number then being placed on each individual piece, before the actually glass is finally laid over and traced onto.

Mission style, another very popular lamp and shade type, were made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Though this style is a grouping of numerous different design methods, it is known for varying designs, simple production, and wide range of colors available. This style of lighting is known today as the Prairie School of Design.

It is truly amazing how a room or office can be transformed through a single aspect of lighting. Although they do obviously have very specific purposes, decoration and creativity are the main functions today. Lamp shades for table lamps are sold in thousands of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet any and every unique need.