Brilliant Character Clock Ideas For Walls14
Brilliant Character Clock Ideas For Walls14

47 Brilliant Character Clock Ideas For Walls

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Wall clocks are so much more than the white faced, black numbered boring wall hangers many of us grew up with. Those annoying tick tocks that never seemed to go fast enough to get us out of that class quick enough!

A clock has a personality and in many cases a story to tell. You can choose an antique clock that accentuates your living area and will be a conversation piece for years to come. There are few downsides to an antique wall clock, it’s a great investment, beautiful and it can really add personality to your home. What it really doesn’t do well is its main function, which is telling time. Antique clocks are not great time pieces, so don’t expect them to be. When choosing an antique wall clock look for something works, is sturdy, classy and built to last. However, the accuracy of time should not be front and center for your decision.

If you want beauty, function and accurate time choose a replica wall clock. Most people will not even be able to tell it’s a replica. The benefits you will receive are a quality manufactured product, beautiful, antique looking and a great and accurate time piece. What you do not get is a true antique, so the value will not be retained. Most likely you won’t be able to use it as an investment like you would with an antique wall clock.

Shifting gears in the discussion you can look into wall clocks for your child. As you can imagine an antique clock or replica will do nothing but bore your child to tears. However, there are some great and fun wall clocks for children that will actually entertain them and teach them how to tell time. You can find clocks with almost any of your child’s most favorite characters on them. The one downside to a child’s wall clock is the annoying sounds they can make. Obviously not all make horrible sounds, but many do! If the clock is in an area where you won’t hear it than it’s probably not an issue, however if you can hear it than beware!

Whether the clock is for you or your children consider all the options and what is best for you and the style of your home. Wall clocks can add a touch of class to your home for you and a touch of fun for your child.