40 Latest Storage Ideas For Small Apartment

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A floor to ceiling bike rack can be the perfect solution for storing your bike especially if you live in a small apartment. Here is how the floor to ceiling bike rack works and why it is such a great bike storage solution for apartment dwellers.

If you live in a small apartment, or a dorm or maybe are just renting a room, storage for your bike can be a real problem. You probably don’t have enough floor space for much of anything. Well storing your bike in these kinds of living conditions doesn’t have to be a problem if you know the right bike storage solution.

The floor to ceiling bike rack is a great idea because it allows you to store your bike up off the floor easily. This takes up a minimal amount of floor space and allows you to use an area for storage that would not normally be used.

The floor to ceiling bike rack also is very easy to install and does not require to you drill or nail anything to the walls or ceiling. Sometimes where you are living restricts you from attaching anything to the walls or ceiling. If that is the case where you live the floor to ceiling bike rack is a great solution.

These bike racks are tension and spring loaded. The tension is adjustable. Each end fits tight up against the floor and ceiling. The middle part of the device has hooks to hold one or more bikes, depending on the design.

Many of these bicycle racks will come with the ability to adjust for different height floor to ceiling distances. Some do not even require the use of tools.

The floor to ceiling bike racks come in a variety of materials from steel and aluminum with powder coating or vinyl coating for protection. For even more attractive designs they also come in wood versions.

Some of these wood designs are very attractive and feature a very contemporary look so they fit well in living areas. They are made of furniture grade American red oak that has been stained with a hand rubbed oil finish that shows off the grain.

If you are looking to make a purchase of this type of bike storage solution you should shop around carefully, because you will find a wide range of prices and styles.

It can be very helpful to begin your shopping online and see what different models are available and at what cost. Then you can go out and actually see these bike racks that have caught your attention at a local store near where you live.

Bike riding is a fun and healthy sport that offers many benefits. If you are a cyclist that lives in a small room or apartment, there is no reason to put your passion for the sport on hold if you are concerned about where to store your bike. Consider the floor to ceiling bike rack as a helpful piece of furniture and tool that will solve your problem.