Attractive Red Barn Building Ideas19
Attractive Red Barn Building Ideas19

30 Attractive Red Barn Building Ideas

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My wife has a really hard time parting with any of her old junk. She is a real packrat. It doesn’t matter what it is; she keeps all her old clothes, shoes, magazines and more. Our garage and attic are filled with her treasures and once I saw the basement storage in the same condition, I was forced to deliver an ultimatum. Either she had to throw away some of her junk or she had to rent a storage unit.

Either way, I wanted the mess cleaned up. It came as no surprise when my wife told me she couldn’t part with her junk and she didn’t want to pay for a storage unit. Her solution did surprise me. She was going to build her own Arrow red barn shed.

I like the idea of putting the shed in the back, behind our garden. It would give us all the storage space we would need. I told her I thought it was an excellent idea, but I didn’t tell her that I was a little more than skeptical about her building the shed herself.

I knew she could do the job since she’s great with her hands and her father was a carpenter, but she tends to procrastinate. I really wasn’t sure if this project would really get done.

I was really surprised when the next weekend rolled around and she was outside unloading the materials and assembling the tools she would need to build our very own Arrow Red Barn shed. She had purchased the floor foundation kits, anchoring kit, and storage shed and told me she would have the project done by the end of the weekend. She started work right away. I guess she didn’t want to mess around when it came to finding a new home for all her stuff.

As the weekend progressed, she set the foundation and started to work on the floor. I was keeping an eye on her progress while I worked in the garden. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen her work so hard. By the end of the day she had erected all four walls and had started on the roof. Even though I’d had my doubts, it really was starting to come together nicely. It looked like a cute little house.

The next day the job of putting up this shed was nearly done. All that was left to do was to add a few finishing touches. She added a shelf kit for additional storage and then she was already clearing out one side of the garage. She gathered all of her tools and my gardening equipment and moved it out to the shed. I couldn’t believe how much that little shed could hold!

Over the next few weeks I began moving some of her “treasures” from the basement to the garage. It freed up a lot of space for items we really used. While I admit I was more than a little tempted to throw some of her junk away, I figured my wife had earned the right to hold onto it at least until we run out of space again.