46 Enchanting Country Decor Ideas For Home

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More than any other decorating style, country decorating is about creating a feeling and an ambiance that evokes our past. It is nostalgia for simpler times and simpler lives. Country style decorating helps us imagine a time when we lived closer to nature and life had a natural order to it. This type of decorating is an expression of faith, family, home, work and the friends we share our lives with.

One of the biggest influences in American country decor is wood. Because wood used to be the only building material for homes and furniture, this decor seeks to give a home the same hand-made feel by using wood in home and furniture construction. The wood is often left unfinished and unpainted because the wood grain compliments the style. The color palette of the decor also reflects a natural influence. The colors are all taken from nature, and they are usually dark and earthy hues.

The country look contributes to the overall feel of tradition and a lived-in, homey atmosphere. The ultimate goal of the decor is to make a home warm and inviting. Homeowners want visitors to immediately feel at home, even if the decor isn’t familiar to them.

The country home decor theme can include light stained wood pieces, stenciled signs, mirrored wall frames, or simple cabinets. It can be centered on one specific barn animal, an apple, a type of flower or mixed, or a saying. Handmade wooden stenciled signs can lend an air of welcome to a home or business that plastic or metal signs lack. A primitive wooden sign is even more warm and welcoming. Country signs are the beautiful finishing touch that gives your country decor a personal feel.

Country stenciled signs will really add the finishing touches to your country decor. With so many sayings, sizes, and colors to choose from it would be hard not to find something that you would not like. You can get different country sayings, cherished sayings, quotes, or even maybe your family motto on wooden country signs.

If year round country decor is not your thing, maybe add it just to help welcome the holidays. There are many stores out there that can and do stenciled signs for the holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Easter. This way you can have a little warm country feeling during the holidays.

Country decorating is a feeling more than a style. Wooden country signs offer a way for you to add your own touch to your decor. Use a family saying or just choose something that will give your room the desired finishing touch