Gorgeous Cubicle Decoration Ideas 45
Gorgeous Cubicle Decoration Ideas 45

50 Gorgeous Cubicle Decoration Ideas

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If you have often dreaded going to work and staring at the sterile white walls of your cubicle each day, you’re in good company. Many people have this very same issue, and studies have shown that a drab workplace dramatically lowers productivity on the job. There are ways to fight the slump that your dreary workplace may have you in, and you just need to get a little creative by implementing some good cubicle decorating ideas to liven up your space.

One of the easiest cubicle decorating ideas is to purchase a small roll of modern wallpaper with bright patterns and funky shapes. Look for a style that comes with adhesive on the back so that you don’t have to worry with messy wallpaper paste at work. Make sure you select a design that you like and choose something that is light with bright, cheery colors. Dark colors will bring your mood down and darken your space. If you stick to light yellows, greens, and beiges, you will find that your spirits stay as sunny as the wallpaper’s hue. Then, wallpaper a section of your cubicle and bring in a modern lamp to light up the space and enhance your new wallpaper.

Add silver hooks and other wall hangings to your cubicle walls, such as file holders and a calendar. Make sure you choose items that are unique, brightly colored, and fit your wallpaper and lamp’s design. Use the hooks to hang your jacket, hat, scarf, and other outerwear during the cold season. Another idea is to invest in brightly colored bins to store purses, briefcases, and bags. Make sure to measure underneath your desk to ensure that you purchase a bin that will fit in the space you have available.

Little touches also help round out the décor of your cubicle. For example, cool picture frames that match the material of your lamp and hooks will keep continuity of design in your cubicle accents, and the images of family and friends that you add to your frames will remind you of home and make the workday easier to handle. You can also switch out your computer mouse for a trendy new model, and you can find USB ports and mouse pads to match. Once you have added all of these touches to your workspace, you will begin to see a cubicle emerge that you will actually enjoy working in for 8 hours a day. When you enjoy your environment, you work more quickly and accurately, and you have more fun in the process.