Delightful Tile Decor Ideas For Laundry Room 48
Delightful Tile Decor Ideas For Laundry Room 48

51 Delightful Tile Decor Ideas For Laundry Room

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When you think of “laundry room,” a dark, dingy basement may come to mind. Or, a small closet with a washer and dryer hidden next to, or…shudder…in the garage. But, these days, laundry rooms are coming out of the closet. They can be decorated, and look just as nice, as the rest of your home.

Of course, you still have to pay attention to the natural function of the room. Hiding the washer and dryer is an option, but how much trouble will it be to get to if it’s draped with fabric or covered by a “counter” that can be lifted off. Personally, I’d rather be able to use them without having to work too hard to get to them.

First, take a good look at the space available. Maybe you do just have a closet. If so, you’re options are limited. If there are no cupboards above the machines, or if the shelves are inadequate, it shouldn’t cost too much to replace them. Choose quality cabinets that look high end…even if they’re not.

If you’re lucky enough to have a real laundry room, you have a host of options. You will need cabinets of some sort to hide detergent, fabric softener and such, but you can also add other, more decorative, items. Even though the cabinets should look good, they should also have enough shelving inside to keep everything organized. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move a bunch of stuff out of your way to reach the fabric softener.