Magnificient Christmas Decoration Ideas With White Vintage33
Magnificient Christmas Decoration Ideas With White Vintage33

41 Magnificient Christmas Decoration Ideas With White Vintage

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Children love to talk about Christmas. The following story was told by a young child when asked what her favorite time of year was.

“Christmas is my favorite time of the year; you don’t have to go to school, you’re allowed to eat all the cookies you want, and, of course, there are presents! But my favorite thing to do during the Christmas season is decorating the house with my mom and little sister. Each Christmas we come up with a theme as a family and create Christmas decorations together, which is always a whole lot of fun. This year we chose the theme ‘Joy’, and decided that our decoration colors should be purple and white. We chose purple because it is my little sister’s favorite color and white because it is the color of snow, which we all love very much!”

“Mom decided that we should decorate the fireplace mantle with our theme word so she bought large wooden letters that we could paint and decorate with old Christmas ornaments and decorations. My mom painted the J purple with white stripes so it looked like a candy cane, and then she tied a big dark purple bow around the top of the letter. My sister painted the O white with a lot of purple dots, and then we glued little bells in the center of some of the circles. I decided to paint the Y purple with the word ‘Joy’ repeating throughout it in white paint, and then I glued some white garland on the outer edge of the letter so it looks like a border. So far everybody who has seen it says how pretty it is, and they are always really surprised when they find out we made it ourselves! ”

“Another home made Christmas decoration we made this year was wrapping pictures hanging around our house like presents! We rolled some wrapping paper on the floor and set the pictures on it, then cut it to size and taped the paper to back of the frames. My sister and I weren’t very good wrappers, so my mom helped us make it look really nice. After that we taped ribbon and bows onto the “presents” and put them back up on the wall. We all liked how it looked so much we also wrapped the bathroom cabinet doors, so now we have even more presents to look at. I think I like this Christmas decoration most of all because it reminds me of all the presents I’ll open on Christmas morning!”

I love hearing about the different Christmas decorations families make together. A lot of families today join together in going to the Christmas tree farm to pick out their tree and cut it down which is a wonderful annual family tradition. Few families go to the trouble of making their own Christmas wreaths but many will apply their own custom decorations to a Christmas wreath they buy. Everyone likes to make the holiday special by decorating inside and outside their homes and this makes the holiday season truly special.