48 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas For Your Family

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The current trend for homes today is to install any of a range of available outdoor fireplaces in the backyard, patio, or deck. This trend adds value to your entertainment space by allowing your family access to the warmth and atmosphere of an outdoor fire all year round.

Chimineas are a popular choice in outdoor fireplaces because of the options it offers. This fireplace is usually manufactured from cast iron, other metals or sometimes even ceramic and stands on its own. You can choose the size you need to best fit your outdoor recreation area. The reason a lot of people go with this type of outdoor fireplace is the flexibility of sizes available. If you only have restricted space such as a patio, you could still fit a Chiminea there. There are a range of designs also available, such as a clean simple design, or something more elaborate and fancy. It really comes down to personal choice, but either way this is a great outdoor fireplace.

A Chiminea keeps the fire completely contained and closed off, which is another advantage in its favor. It takes away the risk of stray sparks or ash escaping from the flames because the smoke is forced through the chimney. You can still roast chestnuts over the open flame, but it is a much safer option because the risk of other fires being sparked off from the ash are minimized with this design.

Other families are actually opting for the more traditional design of outdoor fireplaces. It has the same design and face as a fireplace in the house, but is installed on the patio or deck. The materials chosen are usually to complement the overall atmosphere of nature and the outdoors, so are likely to be stone or brick. This will certainly help enclose the fire, yet won’t hamper the heat it gives off and will also give you that intimate atmosphere.

Another option you can have installed in your patio is a fire pit. Fire pits need to be linked up to a gas line, and they give you complete control over temperature and are super easy to ignite. The fire pit is completely open and gives the same atmosphere as a campfire. It is a popular choice by many but does carry risks especially if you have children around as they can easily touch the flames and sparks can also be carried by the wind and start rogue fires. However, you can buy a fire screen to enclose the fire pit and provide better safety options.

Installing an outdoor fireplace is becoming an increasingly popular fashion. People love the atmosphere a fire provides, as both a source of heat and also a place to relax and chill out. And you don’t have to make the design decisions alone because there are professionals who can assist you in choosing the best design and most appropriate fit of outdoor fireplace for your personal needs. You can find help through the Internet or at your local supplier.