45 Superb Wood Accents Ideas To Beautify Your Bathroom Decor

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Bathroom remodels, like kitchen remodels, offer a great return on the investment for those looking to sell their home. For those looking to update the look of their current bathroom, here are a few hot tips to get you spending more time in the tub.

From ancient times, bathing has been associated with ritual, relaxation and rejuvenation. With the hectic pace of today’s world, more and more people are retreating to their bathrooms to unwind. Creating the kind of space that allows for enjoyment can be as easy as incorporating a few of the following tips:

Top trends for bathroom remodels:

• We mentioned spending time in the tub and tubs are back. Today’s trend includes long, spacious baths where soakers can stretch out. More insulated tubs means less need for refilling water during a long soak, helping conserve water usage.

• Large showers. One of the trends for bathroom remodels is to take down walls, create showers without doors, or tile the bathroom to create one open shower.

• Water usage is also a hot topic in the bathroom as people seek to create an environmentally friendly space. This can be accomplished through low-flow showerheads, low flow or dual flush toilets and repurposing grey water from showers to flush toilets. On demand hot water is also making a regular appearance in modern bathrooms.

• Energy efficient lighting has also moved into the bathroom, with an emphasis on natural lighting either through windows that offer views to enjoy or through skylights. Bathrooms with south facing windows can harness the sun to help heat the space.

• Mirrors are being used to create the illusion of space as well as to reflect light, making rooms brighter.

• Soothing colors are a trend as far as paint, while darker tile colors are used for vanities and showers.

• Antique is back and a great way to incorporate that is through recycled cabinetry. Reclaimed barn wood can create excellent storage areas for bathrooms, as can previously owned antique vanities.

• Entertainment systems. While antique is the rage for faucets and accents, sound systems and flat screens are being incorporated into bathroom design to enhance the bathroom experience.

Bigger bathrooms that invite people to spend time in them are the latest trend. Entertainment systems are the modern touches, while mirrored vanities and faucets bring the old-world feel into today. Colors are natural and soothing, while tiles are tending towards a richer, darker feel. Investing in a bathroom remodel is a great way to increase the value of your home and increase the value of life spent in your home.