40 Magnificient Backyard Design Ideas With Childrens Slides

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Kids playing and having fun on an outdoor wooden playset on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a sure way of lighting up your home with laughter and happiness. Having this kind of fun in your home is the best investment anyone can make. It is traditional for every home that has young children among the occupants to have an array of different toys at all times. However, a child’s playtime should not be restricted to indoors activities alone. If you have ample space in your backyard you can possibly and affordably extend your children’s play outdoors with a set of wooden swings and other types of toys.

Every child usually drawn to a swing set as if by magic. The swing represents an opportunity to have fun and make new friends as well. Swing sets come in different varieties from plain metal and hard plastic to wooden sets. There are large ones that combine different features in a single unit with single or two deck styles. When planning for a backyard playground, think of wooden swing sets. They not only provide great outdoor fun but are also safer than metallic ones. Besides swing sets, there is an endless variety of playsets available in the toy market. A few common examples include:

  • Wooden climbing steps that provide good exercises.
  • Rails.
  • Rope climbers for the athletic children.
  • Rock walls.
  • The ever popular slides.
  • Sandboxes.

The list of playsets is actually endless.

Safety while having fun should be a major consideration. Before buying that beautiful outdoor wooden playset, consider the following important factors:

    • Outdoor wooden playsets are made of wood, so get a set made of a specific wood that is stable enough to avoid accidents. Hardwood, though more expensive than softwood is always the best choice as it can withstand outdoor elements and last longer.


    • Keep in mind while shopping for wooden playsets that cheap might not be the best choice. The safety of your child should be your primary concern and you wouldn’t want to compromise it for a few dollars. Make sure to evaluate the set’s safety features carefully before buying.


    • Wooden playsets come with different types of necessary accessories. Some even provide extra accessories such as monkey bars, tire swings, and rope ladders. Ensure that all the required accessories are included in your single purchase to avoid spending more on accessories.


  • As the child grows the variety of wooden play items change over time. You will need to keep up with playsets relevant to your child’s age.

There are many places you can buy wooden playsets from popular malls, toy stores to online outlets specializing in wooden playsets among other types of toys. However, if you have some basic carpentry skills and some extra time, you can easily create your own swing set or other wooden playset in the backyard using a Do-It-Yourself kit, lumber, and tools. Ensure you get everything right for your child’s safety.