42 Awesome Crystal Mineral Decor Ideas To Try Now

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In the art of feng shui, the vibration that brings peace, harmony and positive energy to a space is derived from crystals. Though feng shui crystals are mainly used to enhance the beauty and décor of a room, some also believe they have healing properties and bring balance to the environment of a home or office. One of the feng shui principles states that our bodies are interconnected with all that surrounds us, in either a positive or negative way. Thus, we can increase harmony and the flow of positive energy by placing objects of high vibration around us.

While feng shui crystals store energy, the specificity and properties of the energy depend greatly on their nature. Most are formed naturally deep underground over millions of years. There are also artificially created crystals but most believe they lack the mineral elements that attract the positive energy, balance and prosperity of the natural ones. The aspects of your life affected by the crystals vary with the type.

For example, strong feelings of love and romance are centered on rose quartz. It can also help with feelings of lost love and grief. Place two large size rose quartz in the southwest corner of your bedroom for greatest effect. Hematite can be placed by the front or main door to protect from negative vibrations. They are also used in children’s bedrooms to calm their anxiety and help with their difficulty getting to sleep. Large crystals can be placed by themselves on a shelf or table, you can also use several smaller stones placed in a bowl.

Periodically, feng shui crystals must be cleaned and maintained. Cleaning for the first time acts as a purification process and resets the vibration to adjust to its new owner and surroundings. Once acclimated to a new space, most followers of feng shui believe that these gemstones can be used for protection from negative vibrations, to increase concentration, combat insomnia and give a sense of peace and stability. They also add a stylish and exotic flair to any room or office.

As with most things, the price of feng shui crystals increases with size. Research the kinds you need for different effects in various locations in your house. Bigger is not always better, especially if you have a limited budget. Online stores and websites may offer discounted rates on the feng shui crystals you are looking for. That way you’ll get the ones you need without spending a fortune. Just be sure that it is a reputable establishment so you can be assured you are getting the best quality for your money.